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I like to smile at the small moments.


Enjoy these light tests.

Going "old school" with a basic bounce umbrella for this family reunion group portrait. Thank you to Glenna Mervosh for grabbing a moment of me mugging it up during set changes. 


I'll hang my art show in less than two weeks and am SOOO excited!

Here are some preliminary scans for the blog.

Keep your eyes on your mailboxes for the show announcement. 


lumen print Il RC G3 2014

lumen print Il RC G3 2014

We're heading to a FIESTA!  


HASARTS will be traveling to Bernalillo, New Mexico to participate in the art show of JWSolomon at the Coronado Monument. The event is Fiesta of Cultures and it is a celebration of all creative works handmade from local, natural materials.  JWSolomon transforms local cactus and antler into beautiful functional and decorative pieces for your home.


Stop by and see us when you're in the neighborhood. 

If you can't join the party there, you can always drop in to the online gallery to view some of his other works.




I'm investing some blood, sweat and tears into a garden this year. After the grief of last year's drought - and losing many plants - this Spring's rainfall has made up for some heartache.


You'll likely see many vegetable posts from me as the gardens develop and harvest begins, but you may not see flowers as often. So here's three cheers to early summer beauties.




Climbing rose.






I've just returned from a cross-country trip and found some inspiring things along the way. 




A hotspring in Yellowstone National Park.



Still Yellowstone. The warning is due to boiling water ahead. 



Beautiful sulfur colors. Yellowstone National Park. 




In the Rattlesnake Recreational Area outside of Missoula, Montana.



Fun with light. Rattlesnake Recreational Area outside of Missoula, Montana.



Goats Beard. Rattlesnake Recreational Area outside of Missoula, Montana.




Deer friend. Badlands National Park.